Genshin Impact Dendro Reactions and Element Guide – Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact Dendro Reactions and Element Guide – Genshin Impact Guide

The Genshin Impact Dendro Element has long since been the target of curiosity for the player base. Now that the new element has finally arrived, it introduces

YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS! Elemental Reaction & Elemental Mastery MasterClass | Genshin Impact

How do Elemental Reactions and Elemental Mastery work? This is probably the most important thing to learn in Genshin Impact if you want to deal more damage with your best teams without wasting resources.

So in this Genshin Impact guide we’ll be explaining a Master Class on the Basics of how the mechanics of Elemental Reactions and Elemental Mastery work.

This Genshin Guide will teach you something new you probably didn’t already know whether you are a beginner or a veteran to the game. The nuances of the elemental reaction and elemental mastery system in Genshin Impact is pretty crazy and understanding how it works is essential to making the best teams and making the best builds for your characters.

00:00:00 – Intro Clip
00:02:00 – Element System Basics
00:02:37 – Aura Element vs Trigger Element
00:04:15 – The 2 Types of Reactions
00:04:35 – Amping Reactions
00:06:18 – Transformative Reactions Basics
00:10:14 – Archaic Petra Mistranslation
00:11:02 – Transformative Reactions DMG Mechanics
00:13:12 – How to Increase Reaction Damage
00:14:08 – Elemental Mastery How and Who
00:17:21 – Sub Carries and how to build them
00:19:03 – How much Elemental Mastery?
00:19:36 – Instructors Set Mistranslation

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DENDRO REACTIONS EXPLAINED! All Dendro Reactions Guide – Genshin Impact 3.0


Dendro is BY FAR the most confusing element when it comes to elemental reactions. Hopefully this Dendro reaction guide helps you out and lets you come out on top in Sumeru!

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AMAZING DENDRO SUPPORT! Complete Dendro Traveler Guide – Best Build & Showcase | Genshin Impact

Dendro MC/Traveler is by far the best traveler to use in the current meta. In this video i will explain why they’re good, and cover how to build & play them.
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Initial Info (0:00)
Talents/Abilities [Detailed] (0:35)
Why Dendro MC is so GOOD (3:54)
Artifact Sets (5:59)
Artifact Stats [How much ER?] (8:23)
Best Weapons [All Weapons Ranked] (9:54)
Constellations (12:25)
Best Teams [New Dendro Comps] (13:24)
Dendro MC Showcase [Hyperbloom Team] (18:01)
Overall Thoughts (20:46)

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3.0 UPDATED Elemental Reaction Guide Part 3 – DENDRO | Genshin Impact

Elemental Reaction Guide Part 1:
Elemental Reaction Guide Part 2:
Elemental Reaction Guide Part 4: Soon™

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0:00 Intro
0:06 Whats in the video
0:25 Burning
2:37 Bloom
6:54 Quicken
9:14 Aggravate
10:42 Spread
11:36 About the Quicken aura
13:39 What characters in Quicken teams
14:57 Burgeon
19:13 Hyperbloom
24:14 TLDR
25:24 Closing Words
26:02 Outro